World Class Mobile Apps for Celebrities

Celebrity Apps is an entertainment software company, capitalizing on the fast growing $10 billion iPhone and Android app market.

With more than 500 million smart phones in the hands of fans and consumers, these mobile devices are an excellent platform for a celebrity to reach their fan base and create additional revenue channels for the sale of digital and hard goods.

Celebrity Apps is the preeminent developer of mobile apps for Hollywood, able to rapidly deploy mobile applications with the latest features to extend and enhance a celebrity's brand and give them an intimate connection with their fan base.

For select celebrities with large fan bases on Twitter and FaceBook, we will develop the apps at no cost, giving full creative control to the celebrity while tailoring the look and feel to the Celebrity's individual brand.

We currently have dozens of projects under development with major celebrities in television, movies, music and sports which will be published in the Apple Apps store in upcoming months.

The company was founded by Nicole and Randy Adams who were responsible for the creation of more than seven venture backed technology companies, including the first desktop publishing software, the first Internet e-commerce web site, Adobe Acrobat, initial funding of Yahoo, Inc. and co-founding Will Ferrell's comedy site,

As original developers of software underlying the iPhone, we are uniquely qualified to deliver world class mobile apps to some of the world's most famous celebrities.

An example of our work can be found here...

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